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Meet the Mahendra Ribadiya whose AI startup (HeymateAI) is valued at Rs 108 crore

Mahendra Ribadiya , Owner of AI Startup raises  $1 Million  (8.5 Carod) Funding for His Startup.

Mahendra Ribadiya  is making his mark in the world of AI with his startup, HeymateAI. According to Business News Today Morning, Mahendra Ribadiya established  in 2023. It is already valued at Rs 108 crore ($13 million) and recently impressed attendees of the  Tech Week.

The India-based Mahendra credits his  friend and Investor Hitesh Devani (Devani Ventures) for inspiring his entrepreneurial journey and love for technology. 

Landing an internship at the research labs of MIT sparked Mahendra’s entrepreneurial journey. The idea for HEYMATE came to Mahendra during this time, and he started thinking of ways to leverage AI to extract and summarise data from the endless world of Enterprise Data , Offline Data, Online data and information.

Using Heymate Scientist, PHD student and R and D team –  Optimize Their search workflows with Compliant HeymateAI.

Query, Summarize & Extract Unlimited Insights from Any Text Instantly.

There’s a better way to research and R and D.

  • Save thousands of hours  in redundant R&D tasks
  • Reducing the time spent processing data by 78%
  • Democratizing access to fine-tuned AI assistance

 “This is like copilot for research”



Your partner for responsible AI use

We keep your data safe and private with built-in security features that stay up-to-date as security protocols evolve. Our data centers are India based, our third-party AI/ML models are not trained on your data, & we don’t retain ownership of your outputs. Usecase

  1. Text to Images 
  2. Text to video 
  3. Image to text 
  4.  Brand voice 
  5.  AIchat 
  6.  Visionchat 
  7.  Audio clone 
  8.  Digitaltwin 
  9. Advanced Dashboard 

10. Use your Own Data for training option available many more features their Try demo

Also Mahendra Ribadiya has another company which provides Training in GenAI, CyberSecurity, Prompt Engineering, ML/DL and Data Science so anyone who want Learn and make career in AI then Enroll Course with Creator Mahendra Ribadiya.

Free trial  Marketer

Learn GenAI and Data Science –

Lab Testing – – AI based Industrial Lab Testing


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