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‘2024- The transformative year for the real estate.’

There are certain  factors that make 2024 a breakthrough year for the real estate. Experts feel this will optimise and push the sector in the positive direction.  

By Shravan Gupta.

Delhi: Real estate is the driving force of our economy. In 2024, Real estate is witnessing an upward surge like never before. Government’s active role in changing the economic picture has bought the positive segment in the real estate sector.

Experts like Shravan Gupta, MGF Group are bullish about the sector hence encouraging more investment into the real estate. Along with builders, government too is pushing for the real estate growth. Post Covid, cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Indore are showing the surge in house sales. The real estate’s growth in the positive direction is unlike in many countries. It has drawn many builders to make new houses and commercial buildings bringing vibrancy to the real estate segment.

Some factors signalling optimum positive indicators for the real estate growth are:

In 2024, real estate is influenced by enhanced government initiatives, investments and the sustainability factor. These play a pivotal role in making the real estate prosperous again.

Stable interest rate: Experts like Shravan Gupta, MGF Group feels the stabilisation of home interest rates has left a positive impact on the sector. And this trend is likely to continue till the end of this year. This is a boon for the builders as it has boosted the sales and drawn more customers.

The positive and stable interest rates have drawn more potential investors to invest in a new home.  This has encouraged builders to make more new buildings in tier 2 and 3 cities like Indore and Pune. It is a positive change with the potential to change the overall outlook of the sector. Hence, 2024 is indeed the year of the real estate.


The Sustainability factor: Everyone is more conscious about the environment today. In the similar lines, Government too is encouraging the construction of green buildings. It has boosted the sector by reducing the construction cost and providing more new jobs.  Some feel this is a change having the potential to change the sector fully.

The FDI Factor: In the current scenario, government is encouraging more FDI investment. It has drawn many potential buyers and builders to India to make new buildings. This has also boosted the job in the construction sector.  More FDI Investment has made India a global destination again. And drawing back NRI’S to invest in India again and own a home here.

Enhanced connectivity: The connectivity is the biggest game changer. Today roads are better connected hence there is a rise in the development of buildings in tier 2 and 3 cities as well. It has encouraged more builders to make apartments in new townships and areas. Shravan Gupta, MGF Group feel it is a positive change for the sector and make real estate soar high again.


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