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A New Era in Hospitality : Central Tourism Minister Kishanreddy Launches India’s First Mobile App for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Stays in P.G,Hostels & Hotels.

Amidst an ambiance brimming with entrepreneurial fervor, Central Tourism Minister G. Kishan Reddy unveiled the much-awaited website and mobile application of the promising startup, Joeyrooms. Highlighting the government’s steadfast support for young entrepreneurs, Minister Kishan Reddy underscored their pivotal role in propelling economic growth and fostering employment opportunities also he mentioned lack of online booking platforms in Tier-II and Piligrim places are challenge for Tourism and this initiative is one of the milestone towards Tourism development.

In a statement to the press, Joeyrooms Founder Gaddam Manohar expressed gratitude for the government’s encouragement and elucidated the uniqueness of their platform. He revealed Minister Kishan Reddy’s admiration for their innovative solutions, which cater to affordable accommodations in metros by aggregating spaces from PGs, hostels, Tier-II cities, and pilgrimage destinations.

“Joeyrooms proudly stands as India’s first online booking platform, offering convenient booking options for daily, weekly, and monthly stays in PGs, hostels, hotels, and more,” explained Mr. Manohar. “This groundbreaking initiative signifies a significant milestone in the hospitality industry, promising unparalleled convenience and affordability for travelers across the nation.”

Our platform will provide accommodation including food just for 249/day in metro cities like Hyderabad,bangalore which is first in India and really helps people travelling to cities and looking for Budget accommodation.we feel this will bring revolution in Budget accommodation industry in India.Additionally, we are actively pursuing corporate collaborations, facilitating corporate and group bookings. Talks are underway with other sector aggregators for potential collaborations.

Anticipating substantial growth, Mr. Manohar outlined ambitious plans for monthly bookings, plan to scale out across India in 100+ cities including Metro cities and projecting a volume of over 100 crores in the coming 12 months. Joeyrooms remains dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of travelers with its innovative offerings.

Regarding funding, Mr. Manohar disclosed multiple offers but emphasized the importance of thorough investor review to ensure alignment with Joeyrooms’ vision and objectives, thereby mitigating potential issues in the future.

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