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Joo Ji-hoon Free Blood by Han Hyo-joo also has a release date

<p>The new Disney+ series Blood Free, formerly known as Dominant Species, is slated to air shortly and stars Joo Ji-hoon and Han Hyo-joo. The next series is a suspense thriller that centers on Yoon Ja Yoo (Han Hyo-Joo), the CEO of Blood Free, a genetic engineering company, as she ushers in a new age of artificially made flesh in 2025.</p>
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<p>When retired officer-turned-guard Woo Chae Woon (Joo Ji-hoon) approaches her on purpose, they get entangled in an unexplained death and the events that transpire.</p>
<p>Blood Free is a suspense thriller written by screenwriter Lee Soo Yeon, who has previously collaborated on films such as Forest of Secrets (also known as Stranger) and Grid. The film is directed by Park Cheol Han of Grid, which has generated excitement for this new project.</p>
<p>The idea of chemically produced flesh is extensively included in the newly published teaser poster.</p>
<p>“Will you join us in this age of artificially cultured meat?” the poster’s text asks. The graphic reveals the premise of the narrative by featuring lab-grown meat with the Blood Free logo.</p>
<p>Actor Joo Ji-hoon plays bodyguard and former soldier Woo Chae-woon, who is on a quest to find the terrorist incident’s mastermind.</p>
<p>The major role is played by Han Hyo-joo, who won the Grand Bell Award for Best Actress in a Series for Disney+’s Moving. Yoon Yu-ja is the CEO of a massive biotechnology company.</p>
<p>With the exception of Joo Ji-hoon and Han Hyo-joo, Blood Free has an impressive cast. Prime Minister Sun Woo Jae, who wants to seize control of Blood Free Group, will be portrayed by Lee Hee Joon. On San, the director of the research center and a founder member of Blood Free Group who has been acquainted with Yoon Ja Yoo for twenty years will be portrayed by Lee Moo Saeng.</p>
<p>Kim Sang Ho will play biotechnologist Kim Shin Goo, who creates the crucial technique for meat created artificially. In addition, Park Ji Yeon will portray BF Group’s planning director, Jung Hae Deun, and Jeon Suk Ho will portray Seo Hee, the IT specialist for Blood Free Group.</p>

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