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Ranji Trophy match delayed by feud at Patna Stadium as “2 Bihar Teams” arrive to play Mumbai

<p>The Moin-ul-Haque stadium in Patna had bizarre occurrences before to the Ranji Trophy match between Mumbai, which is in Elite Group B, and Bihar. Play on the first day was postponed as two Bihar teams showed up at the venue to play Mumbai, headed by Ajinkya Rahane.</p>
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<p>The Indian Express said that the Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) internal strife resulted in two teams showing up at the location. BCA President Rakesh Tiwary chosen one unit, while Association Secretary Amit Kumar selected the other. The match could eventually start at 11:00 am IST, with the squad selected by Tiwary hitting the field versus Mumbai, after a protracted dispute on the pitch.</p>
<p>Hypotheses for two distinct teams</p>
<p>The article went on to say that Tiwary and Kumar both had a side to the tale. According to the BCA chairman, secretary Kumar is presently suspended, hence the squad he selected is unable to compete.</p>
<p>“We selected the team based on merit, with the right players.” It is evident that Bihar is producing talented people. Sakib Hussain, one of our cricket players, gets selected for the IPL. A 12-year-old prodigy is making his gaming debut. It can’t be the genuine squad since the suspended secretary is selecting the other, according to a comment from Tiwary.</p>
<p>The BCA president further attributed the disturbance at the stadium to Aditya Verma, the first petitioner in the 2013 spot-fixing case.</p>
<p>His only task is to damage Bihar’s reputation. Because his kid was not chosen, he is causing trouble. He tries to put pressure on us, but we don’t listen to him since we choose our teams based on merit, Tiwary said.</p>
<p>However, Kumar offers an entirely different reason for this mishap. Rejecting Tiwary’s assertions, he said,</p>
<p>“I am now the BCA’s official secretary, having won the election. A secretary cannot be placed on leave. Furthermore, how does a president choose a team? Has Roger Binny, the head of the BCCI, ever been seen introducing the team? Secretary Jay Shah’s signature will always be visible.</p>
<p>The BCA declaration</p>
<p>The Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) alleged in a statement later in the evening that secretary Kumar had assaulted an official at the stadium entry and had created a fictitious squad.</p>
<p>“Those on the false squad attacked BCA’s OSD Manoj Kumar in a way that might have killed him. Action will be taken against the miscreants who have been identified, according to the BCA statement.</p>
<p>Verma’s Justification</p>
<p>Meanwhile, Verma said he was unrelated to the conflict between Tiwary and Kumar and that it was theirs alone.</p>
<p>“This is how the two of them are fighting. The trials have gone nicely for my kid. Is it my responsibility if my kid is selected for one of the squads? Verma told the national newspaper, “He (Tiwary) is after me because I am questioning their corruption, and they blame it on me.”</p>

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