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Jigna Vora criticizes Samarth Jurel and Isha Malviya for bullying on Bigg Boss 17. Kumar Abhishek

<p>Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 17 show has been grabbing people’s attention. The public and the competitors were horrified to see Abhishek Kumar smack Samarth Jurel during a heated verbal altercation, following the media attention given to Ankita Lokhande and her spouse Vicky Jain’s brutal clashes. Because to Samarth’s and her girlfriend Isha Malviya’s bullying of Abhishek over his mental health problems, Abhishek became physically aggressive against Samarth. Samarth had already made an oblique admission that he had instigated Abhishek to strike him, even though Ankita had expelled Abhishek for his misdemeanor. Jigna Vora, a previous Bigg Boss 17 participant, has now criticized Samarth and Isha and publicly backed Abhishek.</p>
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<p>Jigna Vora said in a conversation with Times of India that she hoped Abhishek Kumar took home the trophy and won the competition. She emphasized the value of mental health and said that no one should compromise their moral principles in order to advance their own interests or the interests of others in order to win. “I posted a story about him on Instagram recently because I think what’s going on with him (Abhishek Kumar) on the program is unjust. It’s important to prioritize mental health, and one shouldn’t compromise someone else’s well-being in the sake of a trophy. I believe that competitors shouldn’t put someone’s life at danger in order to win,” the contender said.</p>
<p>Jigna Vora went on to say that Isha Malviya was inappropriate in making light of Abhishek Kumar’s claustrophobia. That is incorrect. He often confides in me that he feels claustrophobia,” she said. She related the story of becoming confined inside the restroom while reminiscing about her time at the BB House. The incident was explained by the former Bigg Boss participant, who said that Abhishek had admitted to being “uncomfortable in enclosed spaces” at the time and that he would have passed out if he had been kept in the bathroom.</p>
<p>Jigna Vora went on to say that Samarth Jurel and Abhishek Kumar developed a “strong friendship” in the early going of Bigg Boss 17. Together, they used to make fun of Isha. I was really shocked to see Samarth acting in this manner. Samarth is normally a jovial guy, so I never thought he would tease Abhishek this much,” the woman said.</p>
<p>After a furious dispute, Abhishek Kumar was the target of disparaging remarks regarding his mental state made by Samarth Jurel and Isha Malviya. Abhishek smacked Samarth across the face when Samarth, in a fit of rage, shoved a tissue paper into his mouth. But Abhishek later expressed regret for his actions.</p>

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