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Ajmera Trends, a Venture by Surat’s Ajmera Fashion, Rapidly Expands Its Franchise Reach Nationwide

Surat (Gujarat) [India], November 27: Ajmera Fashion, a prominent manufacturing brand in Surat, known for its global recognition in the textile industry, has made a significant stride by launching its retail clothing and apparel franchise, ‘Ajmera Trends.’ Historically, Surat had not seen the emergence of a manufacturing brand venturing into the retail franchise domain until now.

In the span of just one month, eight new ‘Ajmera Trends’ stores have been inaugurated in various states across India, bringing the total count to 13. Additionally, more than twenty additional stores are in the pipeline and poised to commence operations shortly.

The Ajmera Trends franchise offers diverse models tailored to specific geographical areas, distinguishing itself by not only facilitating showroom openings in major cities but also providing opportunities for establishing clothing stores in smaller towns and villages.

Reflecting on the success of Ajmera Trends, Mr. Ajay Ajmera, Founder & CEO of Ajmera Fashion, commented, “Ajmera Trends presents an excellent opportunity for individuals aspiring to succeed in the clothing business, regardless of prior experience. Our team extends support in every aspect, from store design to operations. Our unique selling proposition lies in delivering top-notch designs and quality products at highly competitive rates. The stellar performance of every franchise opened thus far is a testament to these qualities and our robust brand presence. “

With a target to establish 100 Ajmera Trends franchise stores by March 2024, the company’s ambitious expansion plans signify the potential for Ajmera Trends to become a transformative milestone in the Surat textile industry .

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